Tell Me about the Initial Couples Assessment

Couples Assessment takes three different sessions and about five hours.

When I meet with couples, they almost 100% of the time do their first session together.

I use a 2-hour session. Why so long?

The first 30 minutes is paperwork, signatures, and a little bit of storytelling. That leaves us about 90 minutes to begin unpacking what is going on for the two of you. Our first session is the initial part of my assessment.

If a couple continues (I never assume a couple is going to stay with me, although most do), next up is a one-with-one 90-minute session with me and one partner, and a separate session with the other partner at a different time.

I want to know what it was like for you to grow up.

This session is where people share about their experiences growing up in their family system.

I ask about siblings and parents, where you grew up, and what were some of your low points. Low points, difficult places in childhood can shape a person. Here’s an example from my life. Imagine what my childhood was like for me. I was raised by my mom and her identical twin sister (who married my dad). They lived in different parts of the country. I moved twenty-five times in 18-Years. Can you imagine how those circumstances might have affected me as an adult?

Most of my clients have had an eventful adult life, so I also ask about defining moments as adults.

Three sessions make up the assessment:

The first couple’s meeting, and one individual session with each of you for a total of five hours of counseling time.

Usually, by now, I’ve spent enough time with you as a couple to have a pretty good, but still forming, idea what is happening in-and-between you.


Session lengths vary based on your needs. I do my best work when couples come in each week.

Sessions last about an hour, but, technically, they are 50 minutes with 10 minutes allowed for paperwork.

After the Initial Assessment, some couples come in once a week for an hour. Some schedule 90-minute or 120-minute sessions every week. Some have come in for two 120-minute sessions every week. Some have come in for 4-hour Mini-Intensives.

Initial Couples Assessment

The first couple’s session is a double session (100 to 120 minutes) billed at two times the regular rate of $125 per 50-minute session ($250). After the initial (double) session, I meet with each spouse for a 90-minute session billed at one-and-a-half my standard rate of $125 per session ($187).

The fee for the first three sessions (initial 2x session, plus two 1.5 individual sessions) is $250+$187+$187=$624 for 5 hours of counseling (I offer a 10% Package Discount when pre-paying. See my FAQ Page, How much do you charge? for details).

Regular sessions are 50 minutes, but I see couples based on their needs and availability to come to counseling.

Some couples come once a week for one hour, and some come in for double-sessions (2 hours) once a week. Other couples come in for two sets of double sessions every week, and some come in for 4-hour mini-marathons.

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