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The Struggle is Real! AND… There is Hope!

Pitch black with no moon.

You feel like you’ve been dropped behind enemy lines and into a deep dark forest. No flashlight, no guide, no map or compass for uncharted terrain.

The danger is so great, anxiety and panic can take over in a second!

You resent that danger.

In the quiet desperate moments you think and feel:

I’ve tried everything to make life better. I can’t do anymore.

It’s hopeless! I feel helpless, surely there’s help somewhere.

But where?!

James*, drinking coffee to steady himself, begins – slowly at first.

It doesn’t matter what I do. I yell and scream. We cannot connect! She never looks at me when I talk. I ask and ask.

I even tried begging. NOTHING! SILENCE!

Gathering steam, he continues,

I do EVERYTHING by myself. I am dying here. I feel desperate! I hate feeling desperate. I am sick of her. She’s got time for TV or PC, but no time for Me! I am so alone.

I live in misery. Life sucks! I. Am. All. Alone.

Mary joins a friend for coffee – looking for a friendly and safe ear!

She launches into her complaints as soon as she sits down.

I never get it right. All he does is blame me! I feel attacked every time we talk! I will never be good enough.

I’m walking-on-eggshells. I’m on pins-and-needles. I want to hide. There is no relief!


It’s too much! I don’t know what I feel. I feel lost. I freeze up or leave. I’m numb.

I live in misery. Life sucks! I. Am. All. Alone.

The Phone Call that Offers Hope…

That day one of them found themselves in a parking lot, crying in anguish.

Desperation leads to a Google search for “counselors near me.” They start making calls. They reach a caring someone at The Carpenter’s Hope Counseling Center.

Hearing there is hope, help and healing available, they make an appointment.

They begin the journey towards healing.

Learning to Trust Their Connection and Lean on Each Other

With help from myself and The Carpenter’s Hope team, James and Mary began the journey towards new, different, and better connectedness.

I came along side and helped them make sense of the understandable reasons they had unwittingly drifted apart.

They started experiencing good reasons to come back together. They made the needed relationship changes.

I helped them repair and renew their love for each other.

They Became the Heroes in Their Relationship! And You Can Too!

Welcome to The Carpenter’s Hope Counseling Center

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Hi, I’m Bill.

I have a story. And so do you. I’m on life’s journey, just like you.

Since you are here, I suspect your life is unraveling in unhappy ways? Please know that you deserve a safe place to begin your journey course corrections.

There are new, different, and better ways to live life. You’re the one who determines when your life is better.

I help you do life in new and different ways so that someday you and your partner might say your life is better!