It’s Time for You and Your Partner to Rewrite Your Story

It’s not your fault that you’re here – no matter what’s happened that brought you here.

Infidelity, betrayal, affairs…

There’s constant arguing, you’re stressed, and experience more anxiety than ever before.

“We love each other, but we’ve drifted apart.”

You feel abandoned, or guilty because the relationship isn’t what it should be.

Miscommunication and misunderstandings abound…

You’re doing the best you can.

You’ve done everything you can to make your relationship work.

But now you need some help to get your relationship where you want it to be.

Couples Counseling is about your most important relationship – the one with your partner.

I help couples become the heroes in their story.

I go with you into your mess. I’m not passive.

I ask you for permission to parachute directly into Ground Zero with you.

You know what relationship Ground Zero is, right? It’s the place where your relationship SUCKS! And I’m right there with you, leaving neither of you alone.

This is a No Judgement Zone.

I won’t judge you, your partner, or your relationship.

I believe everything you’re doing in the relationship makes sense. I’m not saying what is happening is helpful; just that your moves in the negative dance make sense.

Your partner’s moves make sense, too. Each of you has thousands of good reasons to do what you do.

I believe you two are doing the best you can.

There’s never a day when you wake up and say, “Today, I am going to ruin our relationship.”

I’m always 100% for both of you at the same time.

I can imagine that what I’m saying could be hard to believe.

After our first session, one spouse recently wrote that I’m “unassuming, relaxed, confident, big on getting our consent (permission), and extremely gracious. 

I was blown away by her sense of me. And bigger yet, that she would share her reflections. For her, I was just one more therapist in a long string of therapists.

She wondered if I could be different, and I was.

Your most important relationship can make sense.

I can help you learn your relationship map.

Yes, there’s a map, and my couples learn it by doing their most important relationships in new, different, and better ways.

New doesn’t always feel better, especially at first. New is just new.

You know the adage about what it’s like doing the same thing over and over expecting different results?

I help couples do something new, which can yield much better results.

Different isn’t always better at first. Different is just different.

When a couple experiences new, different, and better in their relationship, it can be like learning to confidently and smoothly write your signature with your wrong hand.

Try it – write your signature as you always do. Now change hands and write it again.

Learning and experiencing your relationship in new, different, and better ways can be a time consuming, energy draining process worth the effort and sacrifice.

Better is always better.

You’ll know when it’s better. 

The frequency and intensity (two very different things) of fights slowdown. You’re coming in smiling.

You say, “We had a good week.” We celebrate the wins as they occur!

Now there’s new safety in the relationship that ushers the two of you into more in-depth work that genuinely changes the foundation and structure of your relationship.

I can help you do that. Call me, and let’s talk about how you and your partner can become the heroes in your own story. (501) 263-1576