Sarah Haverfield

Are you in a season of beauty?

Or are you buried in pain and suffering?

Life can present us with many seasons. You used to dance in the sunshine. Now you’re wandering in the cold, damp woods.

Are you running a good pace in a marathon, sure of your destination? Or are you out to sea, fearful of drowning?

Sometimes we think we’re the only one struggling. We become convinced everyone else has life all together but not you.

Maybe you feel embarrassed, humiliated, or ashamed.

We usually talk to no one about our inner world. We only feel worse.

Can you feel my assurance right now?

You’re not alone.

Counseling may be your map out of the woods.

Have you been told to ‘get over’ whatever you are carrying?

Maybe well-meaning people informed you that others have had worse. You may have heard, “This is life, deal with it.”

Are you feeling hopeless or is it more like helpless?

Healing is available.

You’ll feel hope with me. Your pain and suffering will be honored and respected. And please know, I will not leave you there.

Your feelings are valid; they make sense. You are not crazy.

I hope we can bring a new or different future to your pain.

Trust will begin to grow as I am right alongside you. We’ll get you exactly where you want to go.

Some believe counseling is for the crazy.

Or the weak.

Some people genuinely fear a label; or what they might find out if they did come to counseling. These thoughts are warranted. I very much understand that.

I can promise you, with me, you will not be labeled. You are a person; your life deserves being invested in. We wouldn’t demolish an entire house because the roof was leaking.

You are worthwhile. You have value.

About Me

Originally from Pennsylvania, college brought me to the lovely Arkansas.

I have a masters in Marriage & Family Therapy and have been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2005.

I’m trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, a highly effective therapy model used for couples.

By grace, married for 12 years, I have two young daughters, and I home school.

I love exercising, cooking, reading, and the outdoors.

Counseling is a deep passion of my mine that comes second only to my family.

When you’re ready, I hope you’ll take the first step along your healing journey. You do not have to be alone.

Call me for a free consult.