Relationship Therapy for One

“We need to see a marriage counselor!!!”

How many times have you made that plea?

You have great intentions.

You used the beautiful (and painfilled) word “We.” You probably didn’t say, “You need a counselor!” Or did you? ????

All the fighting is wearing you both out.

Unfortunately, your partner may feel you’re FIGHTING WITH THEM.

If one partner is not ready to seriously consider counseling for the two of you, they have good reasons.

Maybe they have good reasons to hesitate.

Hesitate may be the wrong word; is your partner the more like “stubbornly unwilling” or more “unsure or hesitant?”

All relationships have a map, and not like a Google map.

Your relationships can make sense, even if they haven’t made sense for a long time.

When your partner chooses not to attend counseling with you, it can be frustrating.

I don’t know your relationship story, yet. I can see you, though.

I can help you begin to make sense of your relationship!

You deserve the help I offer.

Of course, it’s frustrating when it seems like you’re the only one who wants to heal the relationship.

I suspect your relationship doesn’t suck all the time, but when it does…

It sucks.

Once seen and felt, your relationship map begins to make sense to you.

You’ve felt a thousand unpleasant feelings. It’s time to begin to get some help amid the relationship unpleasantness.
What I do is help you have new eyes and new ears so you may begin understanding your relationship when it sucks.

You need help understanding how the relationship affects you when you are hurting.

As you gain new clarity, there is a real chance for you to help your relationship change.

When you change, the relationship has a chance at improving.

Please, do not hear me blaming you! And I’m not blaming your partner.

Call me, and let’s work together to help you and your partner become the heroes in your own story.

Stop suffering alone. You’re not alone.

Your relationship map is unique, and it’s also understandable.

Working with me offers you a safe place to share your story and find help.

With unconditional regard for you and your partner, I’ll help you.

You’re safe with me. Your partner, even if they are not ready to come in, is safe with me.
Call me at (501) 205-4570. Let’s get started today.