Individual Therapy

Navigating life is getting harder.

You feel unwanted, and you sense no one cares.

You’re in the right place.

Take a minute to breathe and feel the world around you before you continue. You’re safe now.

Anyone on this page has one or more problems looming before them.

But YOU are not the problem.

No matter what others tell you or you tell yourself, you are NOT the problem.

Suffering permeates your world.

From 35,000-feet, suffering comes at you from three broad paths.

One path is suffering at the hands of others. Another route is suffering because of the things you’ve done.

Finally, there’s suffering because we live in a broken world.

The adage about “sticks and stones” not hurting is a lie. The originator probably meant well.

Research reveals the same part of the brain registering the pain of a smashed finger, signals your feelings are hurt.

The next time you say, “That hurt my feelings,” please know it did hurt! You’re not crazy when you feel hurt.

You don’t have to live in misery.

Misery can change.

You begin in misery and overtime, as you see and do things differently, the pain can lift.

You have a safe place to be yourself. Your safety opens new spaces for you to explore what is happening in your life. As you explore your experiences, new insight presents itself.

New solutions surface.

Your solutions, not my solutions.

You are unique. Your experiences are unique to you. You know best when life works well.

You also know when life sucks. Since you are on this page, I can guess that life is not going so well.

I can help you find your own solutions.

When I first greeted Sarah (a composite of several clients) in my waiting room, she was sitting alone.

At first, she looked composed. As I took another step towards her, tears filled her eyes, and she began uncontrollably weeping.

I sat down across from her. My heart hurt for Sarah, and I didn’t even know her yet.

In her forties, her tears, and sobbing continue as we transition in my office. I do nothing to stem the flood except being with her in her pain. Sarah’s tears are so important. They tell me and the whole world she’s in pain.

Sarah’s tears make perfect sense.

She takes one tissue after another.

As the session unfolds, she begins to share her present pain.

Her tears slow down, then she hits a raw spot, and the sobbing continues. Her sobbing in response to her pain makes so much sense. I tell her the same.

Over the next sessions, this same scene repeats itself over and over, but a shift is happening.

Her story is becoming clearer and the tears fewer.

Sarah’s countenance begins to lighten. I can see it in her eyes. Her face is no longer downcast.

In the session, she still drops into disappointment and even shame, but they do not overwhelm like before.

We use role-playing in session so that Sarah can try out new moves. She’s been journaling, and I’ve shared the gift of Mindfulness with her.

Sarah is taking new and helpful steps between sessions. She says her life is improving.

I see her courage in action and that it is paying her vast returns.

We go from weekly to bi-weekly, then monthly check-ins.

It’s been about six months since she last came in.

Sarah has her life back; I worked myself out of a job…

And I’m excited for her!

You have so much courage to have read this far.

Your courage is showing up for you in the face of fear. The place of fear is the only place when courage shows up.

Think about it.

To you, I’m a stranger. You may feel it in your soul. That sense of nervousness (maybe fear), “What if I meet with Bill and he shames me for being in this emotional-wreck-of-a-place?”

Your concerns about whether I’m safe would be valid.

Finding a therapist is not like finding an electrician. With an electrician, you point them to the job, and if they’re licensed, you trust their license means they know what they are doing.

They fix the problem, give you an invoice, and leave.

With a therapist, you’re permitting them to hear some tough stuff. You’ve experienced a lot of suffering in your life. Now the suffering is infringing on you in ways you want to change.

Now is the time to change.

Imagine feeling heard, maybe for the first time in a long time.

Feeling seen – your experience and responses making sense to another.

You’re finding time in the pressures of life to take new, bold steps towards change.

Experiencing a new place of safety. Space opening up and further clarity presenting itself.

Finding new words, deeper words, clearer words, YOUR WORDS that help you make sense of your world.

Envision truly believing and loving yourself – all the light and the dark.

What would it be like for you to have empathy for yourself and the good reasons you have done what you’ve done?

How would it feel to try on self-compassion? It feels good…

You don’t have to wait – I can help. Call now to begin a 20-minute free consultation at (501) 205-4570. I want to meet you.

“The greatest disease in the West today is not TB or leprosy; it is being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for.”
– Mother Teresa